Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Having a goal is a pain

Before I launch my Ceed and the geShout ideas, I was feeling comfortable and relax and content.

Now, I am in a pain, real pain. I have this feeling everyday. "Quit and relax, you may want to enjoy a game or two in playstation? or sleep early? You are still young! OK, OK no problem don't quit but at least postpone! postpone the work to the next week or the week after that."

While I work in the geShout prototype I face a lot technical problems, (how to call a javascript function from PHP? for instance. ) then I continue to face other problems, I need to search and work. Its pain.

Yes this is a dip, I remind myself of that all the time, the other side of the dip is really fruitful. There must be a promising world.

If you don't have a goal, you can rest peacefully. If you have a goal you will feel the pain its normal, its beneficial, it pays.

Am sure it will pay...

I would like to rephrase the title,
Having a goal is a fruitful pain.

I will continue .. What about you? Will you start your goal? already started? or finished? It must felt so good when you finish.
Yesterday I finished an important task in the geShout prototype, I rewarded myself with two hour relaxation with my favorite episodes.
It feel so good when you achieve something.


  1. Goals are great but don't be too hard on yourself. Take some days off with your playstation. Anyway, Rome was not made in a day...

  2. Love this!
    You are right, I was about to add this

    When I finish a task I usually reward myself..

    Thanks Cody for dropping by

  3. i think you should write a book...a collection of all your fabolous ideas. make them also available to people who don't use the internet that frequently.
    i mean your ideas should be written up and being part of every univercity's library - available to all the young learning students to encourage them what could be possible!

  4. @Anonymous
    I would like to thank you for this heart-warming compliment

    I don't know about the idea of the book, I think I'll think I will wait till the end of the year..

    Who ever you are..
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    I hope people can get use of these ideas and posts..

    My best regards to you


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