Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple Re-Invents the Keyboard

It might take time to catch on fire in the business world. But its there, lets wait and see.

The MacBook Wheel, Apple replaces the keyboard with one giant button.

I think it will be a very difficult transition. Some people will hate it. Some people will love it (I did).

But at least here are some guys who reinvented the keyboard for instance!!!!!

Reinventing the wheel is not something weird, its innovative. At least they tried, let us see what will happen.


  1. Haha, lol.

    Funny quotes:

    "Everything is just a few hundred clicks away"

    "I buy almost anything if it's shiny and made by Apple" (this one is really correct!)

    "(...) and spent 45 minutes typing an email to his friend"

    I love this parody.

    The MacBook wheel also has 4 GB and 8 GB.. This is really funny.

    "Hummingbird Battery"...

    I guess the people behind the video has spent quite much time on this.

  2. cool quotes
    You really pay attention lol

    A lot of stuff will be changed,
    keyboard shortcuts, copy paste ..etc..

    i can imagine..

    thanks Andres

  3. uh oh! I guess I'll have to do 100+ cpm (clicks per minute) instead of 42wpm.

    If this catches up, goodbye normal mode, goodbye Escape Meta Alt Control Shift!

  4. Right,
    if it catches up, I really find it hard to imagine things can go..

    Thanks for dropping by Cody


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