Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Research: The Human API (Human Enhancement)

This is some sort of Human Enhancement, Develop a device that could be attached to a human organ. This device will read the nerve signals passing through this organ.

The device should list all nerve signals received by this organ with details such as (Destination Cells, source, signal strength etc.)
Later, upgrade this device to be attached to the brain, this device can command the brain to send signals to a particular cell (perhaps you can develop a Cell Identifier using the gene or DNA) or a collection of cells. Then create an Application Programming Interface (API) that will interact with this device and publish the API for the public.

Now programmers can innovate, for instance they do something like this

Dim pCell as IBodyCell
Dim sCellID as String = "aj3lk28cfkfdjdh297hc2" 'Gene/DNA
pCell = deviceapi.getCellByID("aj3lk28cfkfdjdh297hc2")' itching signal, the person will feel itechy..
People can now write applications to do anything, for instance to cure Cancer.

Dim eCells as IEnumBodyCells
Dim pCell as IBodyCell
'This will return a collection of cells for hand
eCells = deviceapi.getCellsof("thumb")

For Each
pCell In eCells
If pCell.isAbnormal() Then
'Disable this cell from growing, avoid infecting the rest cells
End if

Its an idea. I don't have the knowledge about biology and that is great because it allows me to imagine. Biologists have more difficultly in imagination because they have a lot of knowledge and this knowledge installs rigid restrictions to imagination

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  1. Curing diseases such as cancers is not a function of the Brain. It is totally due to sick cells and the brain cannot control it. In all cases the brain is the best decision maker for the human especially when it comes to uncontrolled actions.

    But yes,

    By building a prototype of the brain and the nerves system.

    By having more information about the neural network technologies and the functionality of the human nerves system.

    This will really help in applying case studies and understand more the human's brain structure and functioning which will end up in huge evolution in fields such as robotics and all related industrial technologies in addition to medicine.

    Good improvement, this is the first time you touch the medicine field and as usual you have chosen the most creative part.

    Maybe you have to start thinking of the genetic engineering.

  2. @Anonymous
    First I would like to thank you for this valuable comment,

    And it seems that its not the first time you are reading my blog.

    As for the cancer, it seems you have a decent knowledge about medicine and this topic in particular.. I assumed that if the brain can somehow stop the cell from growing and thus disinfecting the rest of the cells but it seems I was wrong

    Yes, this is the first time I touch this field. Hope spreading this idea will ignite some fireworks

    As for genetic engineering, let me do some reading on that first.

    Thanks again for your great analysis.

  3. "I don't have the knowledge about biology and that is great because it allows me to imagine."

    I agree with this. In software engineering, I think this is called the clean room approach. By not being bounded by pre-conceived notions, the mind is more free to wander and create.

    Also, I've read some findings in quantum mechanics that the behavior of quantum particles can be affected my mere observation. If the mind, through observation, can have such an effect on external matter, it is reasonable to believe that it could have some effect on internal cells.

    Anyhow: "Mens Agitat Molem". (Mind moves matter)

  4. @Cody,
    I didn't know this approach have a name! thanks
    Clean Room Approach

    What you read in quantum mechanics sounds interesting and it made what I wrote up their doesn't sound so impossible.


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