Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Idea: Pecognize, Recognize People

Write a web service that reads a picture and recognize the people in it.

The web service will retrieve the publicly available details from facebook, linkedIn and other social networks for the recognized people in the given picture. Then License it per query.
Assume you know nothing of recognition algorithms, and start fresh. Bring in your kids to help. They have great imagination power and they are not limited by your knowledge barriers.

I would call it "Pecognize" because it recognize People.


  1. First, a personal remark: I like your approach to things. You take heavy stuff although you have - or at least pretend to have - no idea about it, but you give it a great name from the beginning. I am very much the same. And it inspires me to discuss it with you.

    So: Pecognition

    What would a child do with a given photo?

    1. Check if it knows somebody already. (Already tagged persons)
    2. Ask when it was taken. (Date, time stamp)
    3. Who took it. (The person uploading it)
    4. Where was it taken. (Embedded GPS)

    Now it combines the information:
    1. Taking the social network of the people it knows already,
    2. finding out if somebody was there too (web calender)
    3. looking at their profile photos and trying to match them with the given photo or
    4. directly asking those people if they are on the photo or know somebody.

    (I posted that in my forum because it is a great idea for a website or an add-on - sorry for trying the link in three ways - don't know which way it works in your blog)


  2. @Chris
    First thanks for the compliment :)

    "What would a child do with a given photo?"
    That's is an excellent approach to start the analysis

    Children builds some sort of a pattern that recognizes the person when they see him again..

    Away from the technical details of HOW-TO achieve this, we need to think how this simple minds works and try to feed..

    Thanks for linking that
    we hope to get more brains rolling..

    Thanks Dr

  3. Chris certainly has a nice approach there.

          "Away from the technical details of HOW-TO
           achieve this, we need to think how this simple
           minds works and try to feed.."

    The most elegant solutions are often the simple ones.

  4. Genius idea Hussein.

    I believe it's just a matter of cooperation between the different social networks.

    If someone accomplish this - it would be great!

  5. @Cody
    Thanks for dropping by,
    Indeed thinking simple is the way to achieve things

    Nice approach,
    cooperation between the social networks will sure help, but social networks will not invest in ideas that are really with unclear way to do it..

    but really if someone accomplish this, it will be excellent


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