Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bad ideas stick for a very long time

A kid asked his mother, "Mama? why are you cutting the meatloaf like that before you put it in the oven?" 

The mother didn't know the answer, but she've seen her own mother do that. The mother called her mother and asked her the same question. Her mother also didn't know, she said that her grandmother used to do that. So she called her grandmother:

"Ohh dear, I was cutting the meatloaf so I can fit the pieces in my small oven."

Another example

Screen Savers:
Screens were sensitive, when the user doesn't change the display for a long time, the screen get burned. Modern screens don't have this problem anymore, still screen savers are there.

The punch line is only when we dig for the real reasons, we can easily substitute the subject.

Think of a technology we still use because of some buried reasons?


  1. Uh, in web design, that would be table-based layout. People use it because other people used it. But the reason it was used is now lost with the emergence of CSS and layouts.

  2. @Cody Exactly
    The shame thing is that I use tables all the time lol

    I am too good at CSS,

    You may notice that in the geshout site :p
    thanks for dropping by


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