Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The official launch of

My friends,

Saturday, March 7, 2009 I wrote a post about geoShout concept, I promised to start the project and create a prototype,
And here it is ..

Today 1st of April 2009, I launch the official alpha version of the geShout

Here is a quick help how to use the site

And remember, I can't spell success without u, I need your valuable comments.

This is a demo youtube video



  1. First of all: I'm so happy this isn't a april fool.. :D

    Talking geShout: It's awsome! I never would believe it.

    I just love it!

    Still, I don't think geShout will improve if I just praise it. I have to be a bit critical too..

    The sphere (earth) is too small I think. I want to have it more squared. More in the hight.

    I also would love if you included everyone's shouts. Then, if I'm not a fan of you I still can get your shouts.. Kind of like the "everyone"-button on Twitter.

    What if you may see those who are online?

    Remember, this is just my thoughts.. You need several opinions.

    Something that I loved was the ability to locate your shouts... Genius!!

    This is a very powerful service Hussein, a great piece of work you have pulled together!

    I must keep in mind that this is the alpha version

    Great, great and great!

    I'll probably have some more thoughts about it when I have tried it out a bit more.

    Thank YOU Hussein!

  2. @Andres
    loool no its not Aprils fool

    Yes I would love you to criticize geShout so we will enhance it remember its not even beta yet,, we need to prune it more..

    The everyone button will kill the system lol because I need to place everyone on the earth with their friends

    but still you can search for people and see their shouts easily and their friends I didn't place any permission yet..

    And the button
    I just wanna watch
    This is the geShout "twitter Vision"

    Each 10 seconds I will get who has just shout and place him with his fans in the earth you can see what he is saying, where is he/she and also can see his fans shouts easily..

    Because we have few members this will not be so functional because not every 10 seconds there will be a shout of course..

    but I loved your comments I will adjust the height

    And guys

    We need a logo, can you help me? I will provide a link to upload your proposed logo and we'll get people voting for the best logo..

    is that fine ?

    No the design is soo bad I know :p I am a very bad designer I need to work it out and also the picture is distorted I need to add some crop tool to fix this ..

    Please guys feel free to add anything

    I am the one who created the tool from scratch and I can do almost anything to it, I am not bounded to an upper organization (yet)

  3. Hi y'all, nice clean interface... so clean in fact that I was lost@sea first! but then the help blog came in handy. Could the text vs. GE screens to be resized in the future (I'm on the road, and my laptop screen's not huge, so I cannot see the both parts simultaneously)?

  4. @Andrew
    I liked the resizing feature..

    I would try to add it, need to search how to do it technically first :p

    Thanks Andrew

  5. That indicator was nice Hussein.

    An idea for GeShout:

    What if shouts pop-up when they are sent. So if you are on GeShout and you haven't reloaded the page my shout will still apear (pop-up)?

  6. @Andres,
    you don't need to reload the page for pop ups to show up..
    It will get the latest shouts already when you visit that person,

    or simply use can check the Just looking, thanks checkbox ..
    this will give you the latest shout ,

    The idea is never to refresh the page and still get everything

    Now we need to have a great design instead of that really bad design

    I think the problems with the versions are fixed..

    Now you should see everything whether you have IE,Firefox

    Didn't test it in Opera and Safari yet..

  7. That's great! I have to try it soon.

  8. @Cody
    Thanks, I'll try to fix the design I really don't know where to start

  9. It's a good website,but I think it's better if we can search the place also

  10. @Anonymouse
    Thanks alot,
    You can search for locations (countries etc.. )
    Go to the search tab

    And select Location instead of People,

    And type and press enter..
    Type Manama, Bahrain,, etc..

    But I will add a feature to search for in Shouts, this way you will get all the shouts that has been sent .. containing what you want..

  11. Guys I've added the Digg concept to geShout, now you can digg a shout if you like it, (Shay it) Shay in our language means like ..

  12. A new feature

    You can now share any URL in geShout easily


  13. Now this is truly marvelous. Registered an account but haven't shouted yet. I couldn't install the plug-in w/o admin privileges. But I'll get over that soon.

  14. I'll also try testing it out on different browsers to help with debugging. I already tried it on Opera but no dice, won't work. Not geShout's problem but there is just no Google Earth plug-in for it yet. I'll keep you updated. ;)

    This is better than I thought.

  15. @Cody
    Awaiting your valuable comments !

    lol opera is the only browser I didnt' tried it with, yes they don't have GE plugin yet..

    Yes I'll depend on you to do that kind of testing you are the man

  16. Hello Hussein, your tools are awesome, specially the mass unfollow. It saves me a lot of time for unfollowing those people who didn't following me and the best thing about it is free. It helps my inspirational christian quotes blog
    get lots of traffic. Thank you.


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