Sunday, September 27, 2015

ArcObjects by Example Book by Hussein Nasser

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Last month I recorded a video on general channel and life update. In that video (or podcast) I mentioned that I'm working on a new book.

The book titled "ArcGIS By Example" has been successfully published. I would have named it ArcObjects by Example really, but the publisher suggested this name so.

The book is extremely useful for those who want to get started with programming with ArcGIS and do really cool stuff with ArcGIS that is not provided out of the box. It discusses how to develop using Add-ins and extending ArcObjects techniques. The beauty of this book is that it uses an example approach, which is a real life scenario project where you build a software to satisfy certain requirements. Not only that, you have 3 examples that you will never find anywhere on the net because simply I made them up. Unless the future version of me beat me to it and published it before I did?

You only need ArcGIS and ArcObjects SDK to work on the book and of course Visual studio express which is free. The book is written for ArcGIS 10.3.1 but you can work with ArcGIS 10.1 up 10.3.1 safely. The book has the list of software requirements too.

Since I'm a gamer, the book references some video games characters and location. Shoot me an email if you did figure them out with the page number :)

Thank you guys for buying my book! Enjoy it and check out my 200+ free video tutorials on IGeometry YouTube channel. 

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