Thursday, January 9, 2014

GIS*Plus: The Command line for ESRI Geodatabases

Measuring the performance of a relational database is quite simple. You have all these cool tools in your DBMS which you can use to run query and trace the results. However, in a geodatabase, there is large layer of fat which sits between the DBMS and the client (ArcGIS). Performance cannot be measured as easily, there were some tools like mxdperfstat, but it lacks flexibility and easy of use, plus it is no longer supported by the programmer.

So I thought I can build something that can act like a performance measure for your Geodatabase. A command line where you connect to your Geodatabase and run commands against it. Not only you can connect the geodatabase but you can also specify which geodatabase version to connect.

GIS*Plus is a geodatabase command line utility which allows you to measure performance of your geodatabase. It will establish an SDE connection to your database and will allow you to execute the following to commands so far: (I will work on more commands with time)

The ping command will connect to the feature class and get the feature count, it will initialize any objects that is related to this feature class including relation tables and geometric network.

The fetch command will connect to the feature class and retrieve all features and loop through them. Then the command line will output some useful statistics about query.

When you first run GIS*Plus, you will be prompted to enter the version name, then the connection database form will be displayed to enter the sde parameters. You can connect to any enterprise geodatabase with this.

After you connect successfully, you can use the command to test your geodatabase. In this example I connected to an Address feature class using ping, you can see that it took 1.79 seconds to complete. The ping operation is equivalent to adding the Address feature class to ArcMap for the first time (without the drawing time of course).

I then run the Fetch command which will actually retrieves all features and loop through them. It will report the time it took to connect to the feature class (0) and the time it took to query (0.04) (40 ms). The 6.01 seconds actually has nothing to do with the database, it is the time that the client took to loop through 230948 records.

Download GIS*Plus for ArcGIS 10.1 SP1

Download GIS*Plus for ArcGIS 10.2

GIS*Plus requires ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcView/ArcEditor) to be installed to check out a license.

Enjoy, and keep me posted with your results and suggestions.

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