Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Efficient Memory Management in ArcGIS for Server (Save more RAM with these tweaks)

ArcGIS for Server has high affinity when it comes to memory. Services will keep devouring more RAM, especially if those services are not configured properly. No matter how strong your servers get, there will always be limited memory and CPU power. Your number of users will keep increasing the more your services get vital.

I have compiled few tweaks that might help you manage your memory more efficiently and perhaps will save you the trouble and money of buying more RAM.

1. Use Process Low Isolation

Although the use Low Isolation is frowned upon, it has a silver-lining of making your services run with much less memory. This will basically squeeze multiple instances into a single process.

To change this parameter, from the ArcGIS Server Manager, click Services. Then edit the service you want to modify the process isolation properties. Activate the Processes tab and change the Isolation Settings to Low Process Isolation. You can also specify how many instances can run in a single process thus saving more memory.

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2. Configure the Services with fewer Instances

You can minimize the maximum number of instances in the pooling options for services. This way you will have fewer instances which consume less memory. You can also increase the waiting time for the users. let them wait for free instances instead of handing them new ones and wasting your memory.

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3. Don't start up instances that are rarely used.

Instances, specially image instances, that are rarely used does not require to be initiated from the start. Set the minimum number of instances for those services to zero to save up some more memory.

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If you are interested for more tips, you may find my new book worth reading Administering ArcGIS for Server

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