Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VIVA Bahrain creates a Tipping Point for iPhone, Smart or Rushed?

Despite the bad service VIVA is known for, it sure knows how to break into the market. VIVA is always knows as the big risk taker since its entrance in Bahrain. After unintentionally creating a tipping point for Nokia 1202 last year, it comes this year with an interesting iPhone offer that almost 85% of Bahraini citizens can afford. Creating another Tipping point for iPhone and iPad devices.

Batelco had an iPhone offer long before VIVA does but it didn't tip. That's because you need to be a 6 month post-paid client (later redesigned to be only 3 months) in order to get your iPhone as installments.

VIVA offer doesn't require you to be an existing post-paid client to get your iPhone. Just go and grab your device with a new post-paid line and service.

iPhone were once expensive devices that not everyone can afford when Nokia was the master. Now almost everyone has an iPhone in Bahrain especially teenagers.

That's big risk VIVA is taking here. Not everybody signed up for this offer can afford to pay, yet it made iPhone available for everyone. I know people who are unstable at their jobs who have VIVA iPhone.  I can see a potential amount of law-suits that VIVA will file against those customers who will fail to pay the installments.

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