Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arc2Google for ArcGIS 10.1/10/9x

You guys were facing lots of problems installing Arc2Google. So I spend sometime compiling the whole thing into one MSI package that will do all the dirty registration for both x86 and 64 bit Windows. I have also tested it against ArcGIS 10.1 BETA and its working like charm.

Just a reminder that I have also updated the tool to support Yahoo and Bing Maps as well.


Click Here to Download The Tool for ArcGIS 10.1 (Also supports 10)

Click Here to Download The Tool for ArcGIS 9x (9.3,9.3.1,9.2)

Note: In Windows Server, Vista and 7 you should run the installation as Administrator, to do that you have to follow the following:

Copy Arc2Google.msi to C:\

Open notepad and write the following

Save As and select All files and type the name of the file as installarc2google.bat

You should have something like below

Right click and run as administrator

Then if you couldn't get the Toolbar in Arcmap, try running ArcMap as Administrator.

Shoot me and email for any help


Some of you will face problems with registeration in 10.1 ,do the following

Go to the installation folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arc2Google

Download this zip file and extract it to the arc2google folder, (it will ask you to replace say yes)

then drag Arc2Google.dll file to esriregasm.exe 

Click ok

That should work


  1. hi hussein,

    Thnx for the tools but after i install it 'run as administrator", i open arcmap but the tools didn't appear even in the customize list.

    "help plz"

    best regards

  2. Hi

    Go to arcmap, customize,
    add from file then select Arc2Google.tlb from the installation folder c:\program file\arc2google

    Let me know

  3. Hello! brother, I could not install the application, dies in "Updating system / The features you selected are Currently Being Installed" .- Can it take more than 20 minutes?
    Greetings from Uruguay !!!!!

  4. Hello

    Managed to install "Arc2Google10" and everything went well, follow the procedure in the previous question on how to load the tool, making this procedure a box appeared saying three commands "Arc2GoogleTB", "Command1", "Command2" but there is no tool after closing not knowing where is the tool and can not use this "tool".

    Please help
    Thank you

  5. Hello! brother, I could not install the application, dies in "Updating system / The features you selected are Currently Being Installed" .- Can it take more than 20 minutes?
    Greetings from Uruguay !!!!!

  6. Hi Hussein,
    Thanks a lot for your tool, but after install successfully on window 7 as your instruction as well as add it to the customize toolbar, I could see it appear anywhere in AcrMap. Could you please give me some advice?
    Thanks again!

  7. Hi Hussein,
    I could solve my problem already by running ArcMap as Administrator.


    thanks for your suggestions, I have updated the blog with your suggestion.

    Guys try running ArcMap as Administrator if that didn't work for you.

  9. Hi Hussein,
    Download ok !
    Installation ok !
    But, synchronized dosen't works, help me please

  10. I have the same problem with arcgis 9.3

    any one has a solution?

    please help

  11. Hi Hussein,
    I downloaded well, Installed well, Its in the toolbar, but takes for ever to sync.... My internet connection is a bit first...
    What could be the problem???


  12. I would upgrade IE to the latest version (8 or 9)

    let me know if you still encoutering the problem


  13. Hi Husseuin,

    Thanks for sharing this great tool. I was able to install and load properly. The first time I used it it worked perfectly. Now, whenever I open ArcMap it tries to load the explorer window but never seems to connect to google earth. I'm using internet explorer 8 and it works fine on other sites. Any thoughts of what might be going wrong?

  14. i install MSI pakg on windows 7 for arcmap 9.3 i found the pan on templete but it does'nt work . any suggestion...?

  15. I have same issue as Rheilmayr. Any help would be appreciated!

  16. Hi, Hussein. From your images and videos, the tool looks amazing. However, I'm having the same issue as Rheilmayr and nat, though my install did not work the during the first use. My IE window opens when opening ArcGIS, but only the bottom gray bar and part of the navigation bar is displayed. The full window is never displayed and it does not connect to the website.
    Thanks for working on this tool and making it available. I look forward to being able to use it!

    1. Hello Hussein,

      I'm also having the same issues -- the tool works great for the first time when used with a map document in ArcMap but not later as noted by others. But I've something else to add -- if I open a different map than the one I've first used Arc2Google in, the tool works fine again! but only for the first time with the new map. So, the tool works very well the first time with every (new/different) map document, but when I close and reopen the document in ArcMap it does not. I'd really appreciate any comments/suggestions to make this wonderful tool work more consistently.

      Thanks so much!


    2. Thanks guys for reporting the bug

      Ill work on a patch soon. I think this issue brought it with 10

  17. I'd love to try the tool, but the download link appears broken.

  18. yeah sorry, I'm updating my servers..

    it will take around 24 hours to get back on.

  19. Hey Hussein, I installed, it's in the toolbar, but when I pres E (for Google Earth)it's shows a place in the ocean or when I press M (for Google Maps)it's shows Sydney in Australia.It doesn't sync correctly! Please Help! Thanks!

    1. I have the same problem... How can I repair it??

      Hey Hussein, I installed, it's in the toolbar, but when I pres E (for Google Earth)it's shows a place in the ocean or when I press M (for Google Maps)it's shows Sydney in Australia.It doesn't sync correctly! Please Help! Thanks!

    2. I'm with the same problem, already solved?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi! I have the same problem, I was able to install and everything, but is not syncronizing. Can you help me?

      Thank you a lot Hussein!

    5. Hi Hussein,
      We got our IT Admin to install the tool with admin privileges but it still doesn't work when we click the 'M' and 'E' buttons on the tool.
      Have you fixed this issue in ArcGIS 10.1 yet?

  20. Hi Hussein, I'm really interested in trying this tool, but I can't get it to install on my computer. I keep getting the following registration error. I'm running Arc 10, on Windows 7 and am running it as Administrator following the above procedure.

    Registration failed.
    Could not load file or assembly 'ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Local,
    Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8fc3cc631e44ad86'
    or one of its dependencies. Access is denied.


  21. I have successfully installed the software but nothing appears on the toolbar even when I tried to customize by copying from the program file.
    a message appears that no new object has been added.

    pl help


  22. have installed the tool from command line and added it to arc via the tbx file and i can see the E/M on the tool button, but when clicking them nothing happens, i have internet explorer 8 on win 7 64 bit system, ive reads the solution is to register the dll so im doing;
    ESRIRegAsm Arc2Google.dll /p:desktop

    and keep getting Registration failed. Could not write to disk... i changed the permission from read only of the install folder yet this didnt help either, any ideas?

  23. With windows 7 there isalways the problem of administrator

    To run the command or any command from command prompt you have to run the cmd.exe as administrator.

    Thus all commands will be executed as admin

  24. Hello Hussein,

    I have downloaded the tool and see the tool bar in Arcmap. I have also ran the .bat as an administrator. It is a small widget with M E. I have tried clicking both differently with no results. What could be wrong, Please assist.

  25. It read registration failed but installation was successful. I am running 10.1

  26. What can I do? I have installed the tool but cannot access Google maps.

  27. tried in arcgis 10
    got this error message

    registration failed
    could not write to disc

  28. i've installed it and success-but it's not work-there was not respond when i clik the menu. pls help me brother

  29. I use arcgis 9.3 and i've installed arc2google 9.x -succesed-. but when I click the menu there was nothing respond for the program. pls help me

  30. I have installed again and it all works fine with the exception that i dont get the Dimension Boxes at the bottom to be able to change the size of the G / E window, otherwise all fine. Is this able to be fixed? Seems to be a problem since arcgis 10.0 came on board..

  31. It is working fine with me. Thanks a ton. Can you please suggest if we can zoom it more.. the width and height of the map is fixed. like 400 x 400. i am not able to use my google earth with this ? any suggestion please. you will be happy to listen that i am utilising this tool for GCC countries

  32. Hi,
    Not able to use now as it worked only once that too with google map only and not with google earth
    plz help

  33. hi download ok
    install ok
    tool appears but not working

  34. I found your extension for ArcGIS 10 but I can not sync. I can install and add to ArcMAP but when I use the sync has no effect. I open but the place where Google Earth is located is not the same as my ArcMAP. In the example I send my check enclosed polygon falls into the ocean

  35. I have successfully installed the software but nothing appears on the toolbar..where can find this??please help..

  36. guys, download the file from here http://geshout.com/Arc2Google1_2_ags10.zip
    read the read me file, and there it goes fully working


  37. it work perfet, good work

  38. hey, when i install for the first time it work as you show in the video, them i close the program and now dosen't open again, i reinstalled again all the software and still don't work. please help, i m using windows vista ultimate 64bit. thansk

  39. Hello Hussein, I have tried as administrator and get an error that Registration failed "Could not load file or assembly 'ESRI.ArcGIS.SystemUI, Version=10.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=...the system cannot find the file specified" - I tried loading the toolbar from file and get the M and E icons but nothing happens when I click.
    Any suggestions? (Win7 64bit - ArcMap 10.1)Thank you

  40. Hello Hussein

    I am having the same problem as Juan. Has there been any fixes?



  41. And again, I am having the same problem as Juan. I am running Win7 and ArcGIS 10.1, and registration does not work as it is apparently looking for ArcGIS 10.0. any solution yet?

    Thanks, Irma

  42. Hi guys

    I will fix thr 10.1 registerationin the next release .. meanwhile this is a work around

    The you can update the esriregasm in the arc2google folder and replace it with the one in the arcgis 10.1 installation folder


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