Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lucky Bone

All cultures have a version of the "Lucky Bone". Some are in form of a bone, some in form of blessed Water others are in a form of blessed piece of clothing.

But all somehow seem to do their job in their respective culture. Provide luck.

Some quoted stories:

"This time, I wore my lucky bone necklace in my presentation for the third time and I got promoted."

"This Water has received a special blessing from a monk. Whenever I drink from it I feel my day change."

"Keeping this piece of clothing with make that headache goes away."

And on the contrary,

"Shoot! I forgot to wear my lucky bone, I'm gonna fail the Math test today."

It all comes from within but we do not realize it. We create the good and bad events from our subconscious mind.

It's a matter of believe, and the object we hold just act like a catalyst, a medium through which our thoughts are converted to truth.

That's why the lucky bone might work with someone who believes in it but it won't work with me for instance if I truly didn't believe in it.

Welcome to the Era of Quantum Mechanics