Monday, November 8, 2010

Set Mxd Data Source for ArcGIS 10

Last year I developed a tool just for the office use to allow change layers data source to another based.

Here is the link. it worked for 9.3.1 and before, however it didn't work for ArcGIS10.

So based on some requists , I recompiled it to 10.

Please download the ArcGIS10 SetMXD Source from here.

Simply hit Register.bat and add the cmdSetMxdSource Command all should be good.


  1. What exactly is the binary folder? Am I supposed to copy all the files there? thanks

  2. It doesn't work with arcgis10 at 64 bit, there is no path to dll file: what I can make?
    Thanks, Piero from Italy.


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