Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deactivated your Twitter account? No Problem

As most of you know, I deactivated my Twitter account just to try things out. Apparently you couldn't get it back.

So How can I get my sexy following list back without following them one by one?

I decided to tweak the Twitter Mass Follow Tool into a new version which I called Twitter Stealth Tool. Now this tool will allow you to steal or copy followers from anybody (as long as you are following him/her).

  1. Sign in to Twitter by clicking the button
  2. Type in the twitter name of the person you want to steal his followers
  3. Select friends that you wish to follow
  4. Use the sorting tool to find them easily and dbl click to see their profile
  5. Click follow selected
Thats it, I copied h9290 list that will include all the IT guys and bahrain folks. Now I can use the Twitter Mass Unfollow tool to clean the following I don't want.

You can copy followers from multiple people.

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