Thursday, February 4, 2010

You and I are One

"If you imagine a million dollar in your head, you will work harder and you will make it"

"If you continue thinking that you will be poor your entire life, you will work less and you will not get any money soon"

"If someone's sad sat in a chair and then you come and set in the same chair you're mood will change based on his because the energy transfers those negative signals to you"

I summarize those from books. Books like The Secret, Law of Attraction, Ask and its Given, Money and the Law of Attraction, Law of Connection those books sell because they answer questions. Questions that sat for long time unanswered.

Those books are temporary fillers for gaps about yet unexplained phenomena of a much stronger concept. Those books projects extraordinary acts, that can only be explained by superstitions, into some negative/positive energy concept that leads to particular act of human in a very sexy way manipulating human emotions with explainable yet convincing idea.

That's why they sell.

Quantum physics on the other hand, dictates that everything is governed by set of law of classical physics (Newton laws), but when you go to a small scale, in the level of the atom, different set of laws take over. Those are the quantum laws.

The Quantum laws suggest that we are all one, we are all vibrations of one source called the Super string field or the universal field. We are nothing but frequencies that wave from that.

So what I do, affect the world, what you do affects me, when I'm happy I can make you happy. When I think I affect the world, what I think here in Bahrain affects the mum who sets in her apartment way there in South America.

The question is how? All one day will come into a simple mathematical model that we are can understand.

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