Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are nothing but Waves of Vibrations

Who are you?

Are you the person who I met when he was angry and stressed from work? Or are you the sweet person I met when he just received his yearly Bonus?

Are you the person who yelled at his mother once in his life? Or are you the person who helped that old man 15 years ago?

Its difficult to stay one person everyday.

We are nothing but waves of vibrations with varying frequency.

Hussein yesterday with a frequency (X Mhz), can make a decision, wake up in the morning by a building constructions noise which raises his frequency to (10X Mhz) forming a completely another Hussein, and regrets yesterdays decision.

We are a collection of frequencies like radio channels. We switch from a frequnecy to another based on totally natural random events that hit us. For example, I can think of an idea NOW at time (t1) and later at time (t2) describe it as a silly one.

There is one original frequency that is patently yours ..

The challenge is to find it. Embrace it and yes STICK to it.


  1. There's a core inside that transmits those vibrations, while the vibrations may vary, the core stays the same.

    The core is you, the vibrations is what you do.

  2. As always,

    great analogy titi

    Its what we do that vibrates .. we are the source of those vibrations


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