Saturday, July 11, 2009

What are your most significant work achievements and Crazy Ideas?

You may have great ideas, you really do. But there are these walls of fear that prevent you from disclose them. The fear of being wrong.

If you have that fear. Perhaps your answer to that question might be 1, 2 or none.

If you are willing to be wrong, and you love to fail, just like me. Then you would discuss your crazy ideas. Then increase your chances in work achievements.

Break these fear walls with the hammer of joy and the desire to learn.

Here is my list of achievements

1. This blog
I've been writing IT and Business stories for 5 months

2. Over 15 GIS Applications
In my Company I've designed and developed over 20 GIS applications with Object Oriented Design. That made me Effective in Resolving Business problems using Object Oriented Design Patterns.
That made me aware when to utilize GIS to solve business problems

3. EarthTwit
Mashup of Google Earth and Twitter

4. MapTwit
Mashup of Google Maps and Twitter

5. TwitTube
Mashup of YouTube and Twitter

6. FileTwit
Desktop app to twit your files

7. TwitColr
A website that will generate random color schemes and allow you to twit them

8. geShout
A website on top of Google Earth that allow you to share locations and connect with friends

Here is a list of some of my crazy ideas

1- Ceed: An idea that will change the world

2- An Idea: The NewsTouchPaper

3- An Idea: Saving data in water

4- An Idea: Geographic File System (GeoFS)

5- An idea: The Human API

6- The golden spoon application

7- Saving feelings and retrieve them back

We would love to hear your ideas and achievements too guys.


  1. I'm actually planning to create an Arabic education website using Google Wave API, but I haven't really started much with it yet, inshalla over the summer.. I might could get some advice from you since you've played quite alot with Google's APIs!

  2. @Yacoub
    Thanks alot for your comment
    A very decent eduction website
    we need such site,

    Good luck with that, not that you need luck :)
    we are all here to support any time bro

  3. I invented the TwitTwit, an application that filters out anything from anybody on Twitter as being vastly self-important than they are in reality.

    I really need to apply this to Stumble.

  4. @Gern

    What's the logic behind it, it seems you spend a huge amount of work on it..

    we would love to see this application Gern,


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