Monday, July 6, 2009

How to use Twitter to Control Army of Machines

Give me a Centralized Command Center and a faithful army and I will conquer the world.

Twitter is a live stream of feeds that get updated online each millisecond. In fact you can treat it as a very strong Centralized Command Center.

Now, imagine this:
The conscript is a small client program that can be installed quietly in a machine. This program reads a particular twitter feed. Continuously awaits orders.
Install set of conscripts on a network machines and make them ready.

Centralized Command Center
Twitter is the Centralized Command Center database. It sends particular commands that Conscripts can read and understand, the conscripts are then to execute the command in parallel.

Imagine how this can be fruitful. This architecture can be used for good or for bad.

You have a huge army of machines that can do you almost anything with a single twit, You may use them to do a various good stuff such as:

1. Compress a large file
Large files cannot be compressed easily, with a twit you can ask an army of machines to compress a file, each conscript take a piece and do the job.

2. Encrypt a set of files in parallel
Encryption takes time, especially if you want strong one, you may order an army with a twit (even if you are away) to encrypt a set of files in parallel, repeatedly.

3. Decipher an encrypted file
You may have an encrypted file that you want to decrypt, with a twit you can order an army to try various unique decryption algorithms on this file in parallel.

4. Handle Fail-over operations
In case one of your servers fail down you can order an army with a twit to take over that servers processes.

5. Do Load-Balancing for your servers.
You may have an army of 100 machines, with a twit you may pull the load from your busy servers to those 100 machines while you do some maintenance on your servers.

6. Run a complex query in parallel
Complex SQL queries can take quite large of time, how about if you can dissemble this query into multiple query and ask your army to execute it with a twit.


  1. I heard of botnets for DDOS attacks being run from IRC, yours is a better idea.

  2. @don_veto

    Yes as twitter is becoming a great centralized database, people can use it for bad or good.

    didn't heard of the IRC DOS attacks though,

    Thanks for dropping by


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