Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS Fits my Geo-UI idea!

Finally, the guru releasing an Operating System. Google didn't wait all this time to release an OS unless it have really good things to offer.

Here is a small description of what Google Chrome is just to give you a quick idea. To read the full article click here.

1. Built over a Linux kernel
Google Chrome uses Linux as its base core kernel, so that explains the drivers and memory stuff.

2. It's actually a Browser
Yes, Google Chrome the OS is the Browser, its build as a web-based sort of OS.
So build applications that can run on the web, and it will run on Google OS.

3. Open Source
Great! Just perfect for my idea!
Now we can't stop asking Microsoft for their source.

These are the main features, it might have more. Developers will start their creativity here I come.

My proposed Geographic User Interface for Google Chrome OS
This is the best time to introduce my idea about the Geographic User Interface, basically my idea is to create a 3D sphere. This sphere is divided into sections, your files are arranged on the sphere. As you zoom older files started to appear. Same goes with the options.

You can read about my full GeoUI idea here.

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