Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Journey from Technical to Management

A lot of people (especially the IT guys like me) dive deep down in the technology level of any idea or problem. We enjoy the sexy technical experience we get while solving challenging problems.

Its fun and wonderful and heart-warming, especially the 'AHA' experience we get when we solve a severe technical problem.

There are different levels though.

First, you can set and be "Ali the Oracle guru" any error on Oracle can be fixed by you. You know the causes of each and every error that occurs in Oracle. Hence, for example Oracle error 505 is way so generic description for you. You don't care what project you are in. You just need to finish your very job that you are good at.

Second, you can choose to be less guru in Oracle and go up the hierarchy to be a manager. Now you have to pay attention to other issues. For example solving oracle error 505 will be your IT guy job not yours and you don't care what is that error as much as you care to solve it. You want to see the application running, you have the privilege to move the Oracle guy from an application to another.

Third, you can go even higher to be a project manager. Now your lenses change, you just need to see those applications running and on time, you don't want to listen to excuses and definitely you don't care jack about Oracle errors.

Last, Its getting more fun (quoting @ElieBlog) when you go higher to be a project director, you will be responsible of many projects. This bird's-eye view allows you to see running projects in parallel (regardless of its details and errors and developers and progress). Now sometimes you should have the gut to unplug a project if it isn't giving you that much impact freeing its resources to an another remarkable one.


  1. This is much like the journey from conscript, foot soldier, or private upwards in the chain of command.

  2. @Cody
    Exactly, as you go up the chain you get more responsibilities..


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