Saturday, April 4, 2009

You are what you read

Or maybe not.

Read, Watch, Listen, Touch
For sure you can't stay isolated and wait to invent something without reading what others are doing. (By read here I mean read, watch, listen, touch .. etc)

You read something. You got inspired. An Idea pops up. You implement it. People tune your idea to create other ideas that spreads.

Jealous People: "So You read Big DEAL!"
There are some isolated mediocre people who watch their friends read and write ideas. They say, "Yeah, they've just been inspired by what they read, not big deal, everybody can do that."

This is just like the kid in the circus pointing at the clown, "I know how he did that trick! MA"

Its not a matter of knowing something, its matter of having the guts to start doing it. Have the guts to fail. Those guys play it safe and stay mediocre.

99% of the posts I wrote been an inspiration of what I read.


  1. Those people are wrong. Even getting inspiration is no mean feat. It is big deal.

    Yeah, Linus was inspired by Minix and Unix so he created Linux. And yeah, that is not a big deal and everybody can do it. And before I forget, Mac OS X was also inspired by Unix so that is also not a big deal and everybody can also do it. And what about other things? Oh wait, creativity is based on inspiration! ;)

    Therefore, it is normal and acceptable to base your ideas on the inspiration you get from other ideas. And even that is not easy! I mean, I have also used and studied Unix in the past so why wasn't I able to come up with my own OS? Hmmm. Maybe getting inspiration and making something out of it is not that easy as others would like to believe?

  2. @Cody
    Your comment completes the puzzle.

    Inspiration need a brain that has been WD-40'ed. A brain that continuously read and think and write and share.


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