Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Idea: Zorro Cure, Internet Justice

You may have suffered from these: Folder Options menu is missing, hidden files are not shown, task manager cannot be opened, etc.. All these are bad traces of potential viruses and worms.
The idea goes like this:
  • Study the viruses and worms behavior for the past 3 years that affect the Windows OS.
  • Collect information about the traces and damages they leave.
  • Use this information to develop a cure that will fix these bad traces.
  • Create a worm that will spread through Windows machines discretely without any trace.
  • Inject the cure into the worm and launch it.

As the worm passes through the windows machines it cures them if needed and then It sends itself to other machines from the current one.

Leave no trace at the destination computer. Nothing, not even a notification that the computer was fixed.

Now this is illegal. But frankly, what are these "legal" anti-viruses doing anyway? They consume huge memory and we pay them a fortune and most of the time they failed to protect our machines.

Now you will gain nothing form this. But lets say this is Internet Justice.
You may laugh, I will be happy if I made your day :)


  1. Yeah, this is called "Net Justice". ;)

  2. @Cody
    Exactly ;)

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. Welchia/Nachia worm did this actually...
    It found its way thru machines and helpfully turned downloaded Windows Security updates, patched the security hole that allowed it in, and attempt to remove any signs of the Blaster worm.

  4. @Phonz
    WOW that's cool I didn't know someone actually did that

    Great information Phonz,
    So there was a Zoro Cure ;)

    Hope it will be developed for other worms effects to

    Thanks for dropping by


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