Monday, March 2, 2009

People are there, just create a tool to glue them

In his book Tribes, Seth talks about connecting people.

Sometimes you think you are alone. You're the only one who care about your idea. However when you discover that somewhere in this world, there exist someone who cares about what you think. You two will be glued.

This is the punch line: People who share the same interests are there somewhere. Create the tool (the glue) to connect those people together. The simpler the way to communicate the better.

Digg work on this concept: Digg if you like, don't Digg if you don't.
Facebook also added a new feature recently "like". Click Like if you liked it.

Sometimes you don't have time to write a comment but you really liked what I wrote. With a single click you and I get glued. It feels like you touched me and said excellent work, keep it up.
The more Likes and Diggs I get the more my topic or my idea or my concept spreads.

I will start working on a new site for my beloved Kingdom "Bahrain". I'll use the interaction between people to add value to my country. I am going to write a saparte post on this, but here is an executive summary for now:

The whole idea is based on "Shaiy". Shay in Bahraini means I loved it, it is a nice, it is great, It is special.

I am going to borrow some concepts:
  • To Shaiy -> To Digg
  • People who Shaiyed this also Shaiyed -> Amazon
  • Shaiys near Me -> YouTube
The rest of the features is "brand new".

If you didn't get a single word from what I wrote, here is a more formal way to express it.

For All X, Likes(X,Y): {X: Person} ,{Y:Idea} --> There exists Z
{Z: Person} ^ Likes(Z,Y) ^ (Z != X)

And now, go glue some people together, they will thank you for it. And don't forget to read Tribes. You have to.


  1. Great idea. Just like Nokia's motto: "Connecting People".

    When people with the same ideas are glued together, they are not the only persons benefited. Others will also be benefited.

    This can be best illustrated in the case of Linux and open source. When Linus and his team of like-minded developers got glued, they were able to engineer great products from their common ideas. These great products benefited other people as well.

    Therefore, when people got glued because of common interests, they, as well as others, will be benefited.

  2. Man I just Like the way you think

    Especially the open-source paradigm it is correct, when you close your application for extension nobody will have an access to add features.

    Open-source on the other hand allows other to share ideas and inject new features on that product. So everybody get something out of it.

    Thanks for you valuable comment.

    Going open-source hmm. That's sound like a nice topic to write

  3. Good topic .. everything is moving social .. even our data , backup , will be social backuping ..people wants to learn more , want to connect more to other people and learn what are they doing . Closed style is a dead style and a dead person. Go Go !

  4. Right, with the age of the internet, everything is going social.

    Would like to know more about social backup, I couldn't imagine it.

    Thanks for your participation Hamed


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