Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do you feel down?

I feel down. I feel down most of the times. I don't know why, people say its related psychological reasons. You needed something but you didn't get it that's why you feel down. Other say its related to horoscopes and the way your star is positioned.

Whatever is the reason. Its ok to feel down we all are sometimes.

You must have had a goal to achieve or an idea to conquer or a training to finish or skill to develop.

No matter what is your goal, to become a CEO or an entrepreneur or a famous football player or a violist, feeling down is a dip covering that goal. It just
temporary hides it and you don't see it, that's why you feel down. Because you can't see your goal, you can't see what you dreamed of you can't see what you want to be, you forgot how it was the feeling to think about when you reach that goal.
I just started to play violin. Sometimes I feel down when I fail on holding the bow or I miss the right string or I mix up the sounds. But I just remind myself of the other end of the dip. To be able to play any classic music with my violin is one of my goals.

When you feel down remind yourself of the other end of the dip. You will feel much better.

The dip is one of my favorite books, I strongly recommend it.

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