Thursday, March 12, 2009

An idea: A website like StumbleUpon! but for songs only

Create a website like StumbleUpon! but only for songs

You select your favorite type of songs, (i.e. Romantic, Classic, Rock, Pop). Then you stumble!, a random song from your favorite type (English or Arabic or Spanish etc.) will be directly played at your browser. This way you can listen to new favorite songs all the time.

There will be a link to download the song. There will also be a feature to Auto-Stumble (get me the next song after this song finishes).

You may upload songs from your machine or from a link. Don't worry your name will appear (uploaded by you) so people will see that you have added this. And then connect with you share things with you add you in facebook!

I think this will really connect people together.


  1. Great idea. If you can do something like this, StumbleUpon might be very interested in the project. They might even offer to buy it.

  2. Thanks Cody,
    who knows
    I already shared it in

    Will lets wait and see,

    We are trying to think simple.

    Thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. Dude! where do you get all your ideas from? :D

  4. I like what you are doing. You should not let ideas just die out. You could either act on it, like what you did in prototyping geoshout, or send it to others who could act on it, like what you did here (sharing it in idea-a-day). Either way, the idea lives.

    Could we imagine what life would have been had Mr. Ford dismissed his "idea" of an automobile? How about the Wright brother's "idea"?

    @Anders, he has a bag full of nice ideas.

  5. Andres:
    if you are talking about this idea here is how i get it.

    I woke up early in the morning grabbed my tea and drive to work. In my way to work I turn on the radio and start listening to music.

    Once a song finishes, the next one directly is played, then it pop up! what if we can create something like this, a website to play songs that only interest me !

    Cody LOL, i have no bag of ideas :p

    You are exactly right, and I will add one more point, the idea is still documented online, even if people stop talking about it we can reference it easily. Google still remembers it.

    We couldn't imagine what will happen if those people gave up.

    You know I am working on the prototype for GeoShout, Its taking time because I'm using OO with PHP..

    Got to do something robust.

    Thanks guys,

  6. Haha.. I'll probably get myself a bag of nice ideas myself then.

    Anyways: Good luck with this!

    And I can't wait to see a version of GeoShout! Great.


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