Saturday, March 14, 2009

The deaf frog technique: use it at the right goal

There were two frogs leaping around in a swamp. Suddenly they fell in a very deep slippery hole. All the frogs gathered around the hole, astonished by how deep the hole was. It was clear that the two frogs had no chance in getting out.

The Frogs advised them to wait, and if they were lucky a human might pick them out.
For five days no one has showed up, the frogs kept gathering around the hole everyday to see the two frogs.

the sixth day, the first frog decided to try to jump his way out. He kept trying, clinging to any thing but he never made it halfway, the rest of the frogs outside the hole kept telling him its impossible to exit and it is better to wait and there is no other way out.

he gave up, sat on the corner of the hole, and died the next day.

second frog, seeing his friend, to everybody's astonishment he kept jumping trying to reach the surface, despite the discouragement of the rest of the frogs and all what they said to the first frog. He, surprisingly, made it by double jumping on a broken stick.

The rest of the frogs gathered around him surprised how did he made it and why he didn't listen to the them and gave up like the other frog? The frog nodded and explained by sign that he was deaf. Unlike the first frog, the second frog thought that the rest of the frogs were encouraging him to get out. That's why he kept on trying.

Sometimes, if you setup a decent goal. You have to ignore those who let you down and focus on those who energize you to reach your goal. Take the valid points and tips for yourself and throw the rest.

that doesn't mean that you should never quit anything. No. You have to quit (or postpone) a lot of unimportant jobs and focus on your long-term goal. Learn how to win.


  1. I thought the frog would say that it can't hear them because mud got stuck in it's ear. :)

  2. Nice post. I wonder how the deaf frog understood the question at the end in order to explain that he was deaf though.

  3. @Epixtome
    Well he didn't understand anything, so he explained to them that he was deaf :p

  4. i have heard this story with a glass of milk.


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