Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What happens when artists started to write code?

I think this will be great.

We programmers and
engineers are left brained. we extensively use our left side brain in creating forms and designs and controls and codes. Our left brain just love the details and step-by-step actions and formula like patterns and analysis of details.

Clicks are Expensive
Engineers like to click, the more clicks the better, they like too many buttons they like huge menus and large set of options and long toolbars they like to include every single detail they know. Because they think that the more I include the better people will say I am a great programmer. They just see everything is important.

I like to imagine this. You write an application, and give it to a user to test a particular task. Each task is equal to 10 points. Each time the user clicks you lose a point. See how many points left, if you went to the minus you should reengineer your interface.

I worked hard on that. Must include it

How many clicks you need to do in order to achieve a single task?

On the other hand musicians and artists think smoothly eliminating all the details in their way aiming to achieve a single goal with the power of creativity.

When musicians play they just think of that moment how to deliver a clear sound directly. When artists paints they think how to emerge a story from the painting.

It would be great if we have right-brained programmer.


  1. Yup, I agree. I even wrote a similar post titled: Does Writing and Programming Mix?. This is a very nice observation.

  2. Exactly writing and programming can be considered as the creative and the analysis part in order.

    You don't need analysis when you write
    But you need logic when you program.

    I liked the part about Hackers as creative people. Correct, they think out of the box to achieve a single task.

    Thanks for sharing your post friend :)

  3. This is interesting Hussein...

    Another question would be: Could we find a person with left and right brain equally used?

    What applications would he/she be developing?

  4. I would like to add ORACLE to list of left brain programmers

    1. Microsoft Windows
    2. Microsoft Office
    3. ESRI ArcMap
    4. ORACLE

  5. Hi Marwan,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I think that a person is born with that tending to think more with his right or left brain. It is up to him to switch temporary from left to right and vise-versa.

    Try this
    Listen to a romantic song then immediately talk in the phone with your wife Your mode will very different than solving a complex mathematical equation and then talk to your wife.

    Its proven, its inertia, I also wrote an article about inertia (

    We shall learn how to think creative and out-of-the-box.

    Then we will be able to develop great applications that is very seeming for the user.

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  8. Well, I am a left-brained, I am trying to be a right-brained programmer. Buts its difficult and It's killing me :@

    That's why I am taking violin classes and play to switch to the creative and musical side of the brain.

    Well I didn't use IWork but I guessed it will be right.

    Thanks Andres for stepping by :)


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