Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Solve Access denied Problem when opening flash disc or any Hard Drive

You may have tried to insert a flash disc or your memory stick on your Windows and you couldn't open it by double click or the regular way explorer way.

Because Windows allows autorun feature when the USB flash disc is inserted alot of viruses get them self in there and try to execute themselves. When they fail, you get this annoying message.
There is a file Autorun.inf (hidden) in that flash that causes this behavior..
Simply delete that file and remove your flash and plug it again and your done.

This is how to do it
Assuming that your Flash Drive Letter is "E"
  • go to start->run
  • type cmd
  • press enter
  • type the following in the black window
  • attrib E:\autorun.inf -s -a -h -r
  • press enter
  • You should receive nothing
  • then type this
  • del E:\autorun.inf -s -a -h -r
  • press enter
  • You should receive nothing
  • Remove your flash and plug it again


  1. Yes, but if it's a virus that caused the flashdisk to be indirectly disabled, then won't the virus then run itself after doing what you suggested? Perhaps I misunderstood something...

  2. yes andrew its a virus
    however, the virus can't launches itself..
    the autorun.inf (aka windows autorun) launches it automatically when the flash disc in inserted..

    what we did basically is disabled the autorun feature

  3. How to solve the problem if it happens with all the drives of hard disk except C(OS)??


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