Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If it is worth it I'll talk Else I'll remain silent

This is real life.

You drive your car everyday to work. You see other people going to work but you remain silent. You see buildings, houses and towers and you remain silent. You see ads (sometimes new ads) And yet you remain silent. You see a car accident and just bypass it and remain silent (unless its really really really bloody and creepy)

You don't have the mood to talk about it because its normal and routine and status quo and by-the-book. Anything that keep on repeating more than once become something ordinary for our brain. Yes, at first it had some inertia (see my post about inertia) that will make it worth talking about for an x amount of time. But it will eventually fade out.


  • The Bahrain Financial Harbor.
  • The Twin Towers
  • The Al-Fateh Fountain.

you may add to this list.
Its because you are confidant your words are valuable to you. So you don't speak them on everything. You speak on things that are worth talking about. Worth pointing at. Worth making a remark about.

Work on doing something interesting, and once done. Think. Really think about what you will do next. Because whatever you have created will not last for ever. It has an inertia and after that ... people will bypass it by their cars.

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