Friday, February 27, 2009

Peel your idea, then go to your Boss

Your boss thinks he is better than you, he thinks he became a boss because he deserves it. Hence he defends his ideas and his technology and his culture and his way of thinking.

That's why most of the time when you introduce your idea in a full and documented-to-death and bullets-enabled and
details stuffed and the risk management and contingency plans and still you wonder why it is rejected?

We are focusing our vision on accelerating the current system and adding more features to our robust technology. Sorry. But thanks for sharing that.

You know why it is rejected?

You have just gave your boss an orange with its peels. You left him with nothing to add to your idea. The Boss hates that.

Peel your idea and show the core only. Not not only it will sound simple and core. It will, yes, allow him to add things and sounds like his idea.
Don't panic, that's fine, let him add to the surface of your core idea, It will still be your idea, but it will make him feel that he changed it and enhanced and didn't accepted the idea before revising. So he added things. let him you already know what he will add (the peels).

So now The Boss can tell the upper management that

Our employee has provided this idea and I have revised it and found that we have to add X and Y and Z to enhance it.
X, Y and Z are the peels you just removed.

Leave the details to the boss and to the rest of your team. And keep the core.



  1. That's right. Peel the orange first; it will be easier for him or her to digest. I read it somewhere that a good leader is one who is not very visible and makes his followers think that they all did it on their own.

  2. Yes,
    I think you read that in Tribes.

    its all about leadership.

    How to connect your tribe. If you didn't. Please do.. this is for you.


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