Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'll buy if I believed you and care

People always tend to trust other people when it comes to buying or trying something out.
We rarly believe the salesman. We tend to think that we are always tricked.

I was in the Al-Welaya bakery this morning, A lady entered the shop, it was clear from her looks that it was her first visit to this bakery. I asked the baker to mix different type of cakes in a total cost of BD 0.500. The moment I said that the lady seemed more relaxed and started to order.

People stories are authentic and real and true and always tend to lay in the same contrast of reality. Salesmen have products that they want to sell. So we don't believe them. we say to our selfs. "Do they think we are stupid to buy this?"

People do trust other people. People care about people having the same interest. I care about you if we share the same interests.

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