Thursday, February 12, 2009

Think like a kid

Kids think out of the box because they don't have one to think "in".

Kids imagine.

Kids are optimistic.

When a child encounters a problem, he has a huge number of choices to try because the only thing he possesses is his imagination.

When I was a kid, my dad bought me a Nintendo Family Computer. You may had one, and you know how precious it was. One day the console stopped working, it won't load any of my game cartridges. I tried all my cartridges with no luck. So I asked my father to fix it. That was the first solution that came to my mind at that time. To ask my father.

It was a very tedious job for him, he need to open the console and clean it, maybe even wield few circuits together. So he just told me that it's broken and it cannot be fixed. "I'm gonna buy you a new one." he said.

But I was sure that it could be fixed, not because I know anything about electronics, but because I don't. I saw a lot of possibilities to try out that my dad didn't. As an adult he made his decision solely based on his knowledge.

I started the fixing process. I opened the console, applied hair dryer, cleaned the edges of the circuits with a cotton, closed it, and switched it back on. Nothing. 

I didn't give up, I kept trying things out, like brushing the power cord with my sister's makeup brush. I changed the power transformer. Nothing worked. I didn't eliminate any possible solutions because as a child I don't have a knowledge to base my elimination process on, unlike my father.

The last thing I tried was to lick the game cartridge. Imagine, it worked! The problem wasn't from the family computer console. It was from my cartridges
It's always about imagination.

Kids have an unlimited imagination.

Kids are not afraid of being wrong.

Kids think out of the box because they don't have one to think "in".

Kids imagine.

Kids are optimistic.

Think like a kid.


  1. Great! That is actually what I do with letscreateastorm - I have almost no knowledge about websites - so my imagination is not blocked by what is. Instead it is open to what could be...
    (And your post is another imagination for my blog *g*)

  2. @Butterfly,

    freeing your brain from the limitation of the knowledge gives you the free imagination..

    I liked what you are up to in letscreateastorm

    its a simple idea and I can feel that it will be the web 3.0 But we need to set some rules for that

    I'll discuss more of this in details @ the website..

    Thanks for dropping by


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