Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sidecar pattern in Service Mesh (Explained by Example)

Sidecar Pattern is an architecture where two or more processes living in the same host can communicate with other via the loopback (localhost) essentially enabling interprocess communication. It is the foundation architecture on which service meshes such ad LinkerD and Envoy is built on.

 In this video, we will explain, how we do things the classical way and how the sidecar pattern works, the pros and cons. Sidecar pattern also enabled the service mesh such as linkerd and istio that make microservices even better.  

While sidecar pattern popularized in the containerized environment you can use it in the non-containerized environment as well. 

* Decoupling thick libraries and references,. 
* Applications can evolve independently. 
* Polyglot - Each sidecar application can be written in its own language

* Latency 
* Complexity 

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