Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ArcObjects By Example in C#

Want to learn ArcObjects? You came to the right place.

Ride with me in this YouTube series as we fix a broken telecom company called "Phonetech" (terrible name I know). Phonetech suffer from losing customers and weak phone reception. Despite their effort of adding new cell phone towers their service is not getting any better.

They came to us in IGeometry asking for help, they provide us with their data and problem and asked us to use GIS to solve this problem.

We are going to help them build a solution on top of ArcGIS using ArcObjects to efficiently place Towers to achieve maximum reception, plus we will do cool other things too!

We will start from scratch by describing the problem, slowly build the UML diagrams, ERD, build the geodatabase, the schema and write code to build the solutions on top of ArcGIS Desktop.



Github repo for the source code



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