Sunday, March 27, 2016

Docker and ArcGIS

As a Geogeek, I always want to augment cool new technologies with my line of work, ArcGIS. Docker is proving to be the future in terms of simplifying deploying and scaling.
This Youtube series is my attempt to start to unravel the marriage between these two technologies.

This is something new and different in this channel. IGeometry has always been about programming with ArcGIS, we talk about how to build cool software with ArcGIS technology. However, we never talked about how does existing bleeding edge technologies blend with the ArcGIS platform. So here it is.

I'm very interested in Docker and I have actually used it in a small project with ArcGIS. I want to start this series to try to understand where Docker fits in the ArcGIS stack. We might eventually end up doing some implementations of Docker and ArcGIS. If and when possible.

You might say that ArcGIS runs on Windows and Docker runs on Linux, so how can you integrate the two? That is not entirely true, we have a lot of pieces in the ArcGIS technology that actually run on linux and thus supports Docker containers. We will explore that in the coming episodes.

Let us see how this goes.

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