Monday, December 1, 2014

Extending ArcObjects with .NET (IGeometry) - 02 - Working with Layers

This lengthy episode is our first encounter with data. We create an ArcMap document and add the Bestaurants data to it, change symbology and prepare it for programming.

We explain the ImxDocument, IMap and ILayer interfaces in this video. We create a new button and add it to our toolbar, the button opens a new form that have a drop down list. We writes our first code that reads all the current layers in the map and populates them in the list. 

Then we work with the layers from within the form. We will learn how to hide and show the layer from the active view in the map and also learn that to apply these changes we have to call methods on both the document and map object in order to refresh and see the changes we do! 

Interfaces introduced in this episode: IDocument, IMap, ILayer

Previous episode with code

Bestaurants Geodatabase

The Source Code as of the end of the Episode


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