Monday, October 13, 2014

Night's Watch: the Software that allows you to watch your machines

As software get more complicated, better hardware is needed to support it. More servers are installed, and thus they all need to be maintained. This project is initiated as an attempt to capture the performance of multiple servers connected on the same network. The product captures the cpu utilization, RAM usage and availability and other information and allows the user to process and analyze this information. There is a live web interface which provides an active state of the servers and whether they are online and up and running. The solution is designed carefully to be scalable and portable, currently only supported for windows machines.
Today, I bring you the alpha version of a software that I have been working on for a while. The Nights Watch.

Night’s Watch is an easily configured application that allows you to monitor network connected Windows machines from a web interface and see their CPU and RAM usage, whether they are connected or not. The real power of the Night’s Watch is that you don’t require installing any client software in the machines that need to be monitored. Which makes the installation and scaling very easy to implement.

It is a matter of simply adding the machines that you want to monitor into a configuration file and the Night's Watch takes care of the rest. 

Try it out guys and let me know, here is me shipping it finally.

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