Saturday, March 15, 2014

Web Service to get the "n" th digit of pi

So you might think what does this have to do with GIS, will it does since pi is the best simple complex number ever existed and it represents the circle which is a geometry. So GIS.

Recently, computers were able to calculate up to 10 trillions digits of pi, why? because it is a good exercise to test the power of a computer. What I didn't find though is a web service which will get you the n'th digit of pi. Now I don't know how will someone use it but I just got curious to make it available for researchers out there! Just celebrating PI day

So, researchers and world changers behold and a nice 24/7 web service written in php, you give it a digit and it will return you the pi digit at that index. Very simple.
GET parameter d: where d is the index starting from 1 till 100,000. As a start, if you people need more I'll think of including it.

Here is some examples of how to use it

just type this in your web browser or call it in piece of software.

Get the first digit, that is 3 of course.

The seven'th digit

You know the drill



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