Monday, February 24, 2014

Batch Compact ESRI Map Document (MXD) for 10.2

This tool is from 2012, you guys were using it frequently and asked me to compile it for 10.2 so there it goes. I have also removed the annoying lower case option, now your compacted files are saved under the same name _compact.mxd

Do you have lots of Map Documents with huge sizes?

Compact them all with one click with this tool to more than 60% of their actual size.

Download Compact MXD Tool 10.1

Download Compact MXD Tool 10.2

1) Just open an empty ArcMap session, so the tool can use it to check out license.
2) Run CompactMXD.exe
3) Select the path where your Map Documents are located.
4) Click Compact.

Download Script
Download Script

I have implemented this guy's idea .

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