Monday, April 22, 2013

Mxdperfstat 10.1 Download MXD Performance Statistics

If you are here chances that you were like me searching for an ArcGIS 10.1 version of this wonderful tool. Well, there isn't any, but I managed to make it work by copying some 10 dependency dlls. (Version , System and few others, took me awhile to figure them out)

If you don't know what this tool is, this is it's description from ESRI site

MXDPERFSTAT (ArcGIS 10 and 93) can help diagnose typical MXD document performance problems, e.g. 
• Inefficient scale dependency 
• Slow symbology 
• Large features 
• Projection on the fly 
• Potential database tuning 

System Requirements: 
1. Microsoft .Net Framework 
2. ESRI .NET Assembly 10 or 9.3.1 
a. ArcGIS Desktop with .Net support or 
b. ESRI Engine Runtime 
3. ESRI license: 
a. ArcGIS Engine runtime or 
b. ArcGIS Desktop

This tool will work on ArcGIS 10.1, extract and use,

Download here

If you want the 9.3 or 10 version of this tool click here.


  1. as an alternative to mxd perfstat we have used this:
    since moving to's great, easier to use too.

  2. Thanx for sharing this will chk it out


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