Monday, August 13, 2012

Nokia could have done better

Nokia had a choice to go with Andriod as everyone else did, or stay arrogant and stick to its dying Symbian.

It did neither, in Feb 2011, Nokia entered a partner-ship with Microsoft, Nokia would use Windows as their  primary mobile OS, Microsoft will use Nokia as their hardware maker.

16 Months later, Microsoft announced Surface Tablet, which Microsoft built on its own, behind Nokia's back.

But Microsoft, you had Nokia as your hardware vendor, why you didn't hand the surface to it?
"Its a Branding Thing"

In other words, Nokia brand sucks, imagine the Surface with the Nokia hand on it?

I mean I would buy an Android powered Nokia device. Microsoft Powered Microsoft Device? maybe. Microsoft powered Nokia device? I'll think twice.

 This is the moment where the Thai hooker takes the blade and cuts herself. I bet Stephen Elop is biting his nails.


  1. great posts as usual, HN, but your last metaphor escapes me, care to elaborate?

    1. I read a story about Thai Hookers, called Private Dancer,,

      it explains how girls in Thailand forced into this for money. Most of them end up alchoholic and drugs and must go into a depression stage where they cut their hands with a blade..

      thats why most thai hookers have blade marks on their hands as suicide attempts.

      here is the book

  2. Good post Hussein. I was questioning that decision myself. Even more of why they have ditched Meego in favor of Windows Phone.
    But having just experienced windows phone for 5 minutes, I can clearly see why this decision was made.

    The only downside about windows phone is the word "windows" in its name. Its unbelievably fast and fluid with multi-core phones coming out with WP8.

    As per the Surface, Nokia has no previous records of producing a tablet (or at-least not that I know of) to justify the outsourcing for Microsoft. And I believe Microsoft wanted to have a reference device for other Manufacturers, like what Google does with the Nexus line

    Just my thoughts

  3. Hey bro,

    You maybe right, I'm in no position to judge WP8 as I didn't try yet. And I trust your judgment when you say its clean and easy. I liked your analogy when you said the only thing wrong with Windows phone is the branding "Windows". They should have used a different branding for their Mobile line.

    Surface might pick up big, especially after the attractive price tag on it. But only after WP8 cleans the mess WM5-7 left to MS Mobile industry. Also think of the huge mobile apps gap between MS and iOS and Andriod. I don't know the numbers but I think Andriod and iOS have a huge market share. Will developers go MS mobile and dump Andriod and iOS? if Balmer can find a way to attract them.

    Thanks for your comment man, miss ga3datna


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