Sunday, July 29, 2012

Find Duplicate Attributes in an ESRI Geodatabase

I snapped this idea from,
I have been looking for a GP tool that can be used to find and list duplicate attribute values in an attribute table since ArcGIS 9.3.  I was able to find a SQL script for this purpose in the GDB Management Island at the 2012 UC, but I would have to Remote Desktop into another machine to run this process.  
If the duplicate ID values can be found and listed using a GP tool, that would be helpful in my organization's workflow process. 

Until ESRI implements this, here is a quick script (download here) I wrote for you guys to do just that.

  • Open ArcMap
  • Go to customize
  • Go to Commands 
  • Scroll until UI Controls
  • Click NeW UIControl and select button
  • Drag the new button anywhere in the toolbars
  • Right click on the new button and click view source (make sure you are still in customize mode)
  • Paste the code and run,
  • you must first select the layer you want to find the duplicates in and then click the button, there you will be prompted to type-in the field name..