Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slim Kicker Reinvented the Diet Wheel

Our friend Christine Chew emailed me last year with a great idea, it was challenging and scary, no body have done it.

This was her email

Hi Hussein,
I bumped into your blog today and was wondering if I could get your opinion on a diet/fitness app I am working on right now.
Basically, the main problem with being fit and eating healthy is motivation and willpower. It's such an abstract goal that seems overwhelming. It seems the best way to counter this is to make it into smaller, winnable games.
So my app makes living healthy, eating healthy, and fitness into a RPG game, where users earn points, "level up', and earn badges as they accomplish their health goals. Everytime they add something healthy like whole greens, and veggies to their food log, they earn points. Everytime they complete a workout, they earn points. As they achieve more and more, they'll level up and unlock badges...
Of course, to appeal to people's need for achievements/progress, I'm also adding charts, and graphs to show their progress... I think people love that sorta stuff. The whole idea is to shift people's attitude towards healthy living as fun, and enjoyable. And there's gonna be a web version for those that don't own smartphones.
What's your opinion on this idea? Would you want to know when I'm done with it? ^_^
Thanks so much!

She found the key to what drives people to continue their food diet and become healthy and decided to automate it. Each time you complete a goal, you unlock new achievements and share it on twitter or facebook, you can compare your trophies with others and see where you stand. I loved the inspiration feed where you can see what others are eating so you can continue your diet.

She sent me an email today saying that her work is complete and she announced the birth of

She even made an iPhone app that you can download here, the blackberry version is coming soon as well. I wish she roll one for Andriod as well.

Christine saw what other diet programs are doing, and she did exactly the opposite she went into different way, she reinvented the wheel

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  1. I got that email too, and then got the app as soon as I knew it was done. I love, love, love SlimKicker! It is a fantastic way to keep track of eating and exercise.



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