Tuesday, February 21, 2012

@VIVA_BH 3rd Tipping Point Strike, This time for Android in #Bahrain

In 2010, VIVA just entered the market. People wanted to test their new service so they rushed and bought the cheapest phone that time, Nokia 1202 (BD9) creating huge sales for this device.

In 2011, VIVA raised the bar with an iPhone4 offer that tipped the sales for the iPhone in Bahrain (and consequently creating more Apple Fans).

Now VIVA has done it again in 2012, but this time with Android. Its last offer is, get your a Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII or Galaxy Nexus for FREE and with HSPA and ready for this?, Unlimited Data package for just 30BD monthly for a year.

So geeks can now wonder anywhere with their laptop tethered to their Android hand-held devices and share the Internet love.

Although not everyone is happy with their service, I expect VIVA to bring an Android shower this year in Bahrain.

A while ago I wrote about how Batelco crushed Menatelecom with its When-able to-attack-you-must-seem-unable strategy. However, I think, Batelco should squeeze some marketing juice into its products in order to beat the Risk-Taker VIVA.

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