Saturday, January 14, 2012

Imagination Pooling

We imagine several sorts of things all the time. Some of you decide to share it to their close friends. Others keep it to themselves scared people will steal and publish their ideas as their own. However, very rare decide to publicly share their imaginations. I'm here to talk about this last segment.

Here is the fun part. Each one of us was born with limited unique set of imagination span. The more we learn new things the more our imagination span increases. Until it reaches a level where you think you know everything and here is where you stop learning. Your imagination freezes at its size. You refuse to read books that don't interest you or watch movies that do not fit your standards or listen to other type of music or play video games that are not your style. Here is when the imagination gives you the delusion that you know "enough" and you don't need to know about other aspects in life, you may even call them stupid, or silly stuff. This will eventually kill potential creativity.

Let's go back to point one. We were born with unique imaginations. We compile our imagination into stories and we pour these stories into a medium. This medium can be a book or a movie or a play or a picture or even a video game. When you watch this movie or listen to this song or see this picture you acquire more imagination automatically. Even though you might think the movie is silly or that song is stupid.

When we watch movies we tap into other people imagination pool and build on it creating further imaginations. I refer to this as imagination pooling.

The point I want to make in this post is that pooling the imagination can broaden your thoughts spectrum thus generating even rich ideas. You cannot do this if you stick to talking to your close friends or listening to stuff you already know about or reading books on which you know the title or watch movies that you only like. That was me 2 years ago, until I met my wife my whole thoughts and imaginations changed. I feel myself as if my imagination experienced totally different dimension and I keep coming with even more ideas every day. She is in the fashion industry while I'm in the IT field. Totally different yet my imagination was doubled since the day i met her.

Never under-estimate the power of learning and never think your knowledge is above all. Learn to share and acquire new things.

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