Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year?

We have been designed in a way to measure and calculate everything around us. We label everything with age or size or experience or strength so we can compare them. Thus was the need to create a system for measuring time. The current universal calender being used on Earth is the Gregorian calendar or the Christian calendar.

This calender started when Jesus Christ was born 2012 years ago. Since then, we set date for everything. Inventors set dates to launch their inventions, businessmen set dates to end their projects, Human Resources pay the workers by the hour, politicians set dates to start and end wars, people have been executed in certain dates, others have been honored in different dates And we celebrated New Year Eve every single year, since then.

We need time, without time we can't keep track of the progress. Here is the bizarre* idea: Although we created this time scheme from scratch, which has nothing to do with God, we still keep labeling years as "Bad" Or "Good".  If you thought about it there is no such thing as bad or a good year, it is a year, it is just a time span that we created. Yet we wait 12 months to wish each other a "Happy New Year", why don't we wish each other a happy life time? Why wait 12 months to do so. Why don't I be happy this month? or Why don't you say Happy New Month?

And even if somehow people will argue that 2011 was in fact a bad year at least for us in Bahrain. If there was some power affecting how a year "runs", than this power is within us. To prove it, look at this thought experience I created, I called it the Car Keys Anomaly.

If this power, some call it faith, was external, then it doesn't know what is 2011 or 2012 2075 or January or December means, it has its own time scheme, and if it is to be applied it will be applied and projected on that time scheme not our calender. It could be on 17 August or 31 of May!

My point, if you want to do something, go do it now, don't wait until you write your next year's resolutions. You can do whatever you want whenever you want wherever you want. We have put this calender just for organizing your life, you may remove it and start now. This system is good but you don't have to stick to it. You can just start your success anytime.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year to you too - I was about to say is that it can only look up on your isle this year, but then a teen was slain, and now Iran's sabre-rattling re: US naval presence - I learned in Algiers almost exactly 51 yrs ago that "les chiens aboient et la caravane marche"(dogs bark as the caravan marches on), and that seems apt today too.

    FYI it's a bizarre (not bazaar) idea, and I love your whim and wit as always. I'd argue that "we set dates for everything" since well before that - Mesopotamians just up the road from here in Kuwait did so 5000 yrs ago? - but please keep on asking those inconvenient questions!

    I'm returning home for good on the 13th, stay visible. Your friend, Andrew

  2. Happy new year andrew

    Thanx for fixing my typos as usual haha
    I like to ask questions that empty my curiosty.

    As for what happened 5000 years ago it was again dated with ref to our calender using BC.

    Will keep in touch for sure. Stay safe say hi to kids.


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