Monday, September 19, 2011

An Idea: Traffic Ticket Generator

I got a parking ticket last month,  it was a 5 minutes stop. The traffic police usually sticks one of these tickets (on the right) to the window.

Instead of thinking of paying it, I took a minute to imagine how this process works, here is how.

Basically, in Bahrain, traffic police carry a large book of empty tickets. They walk in congested areas, find a vehicle violating a law (talking on the phone, drinking, illegal parking etc), write the vehicle number in an empty ticket with some details like vehicle model, driver details, vehicle registration.

I must mention to get these details the traffic police calls the main office. tear out the ticket and stick it to the window or hand it to you if you are there. Later he delivers the book to the main office and someone enters the tickets into the system manually. A pretty tedious process.

I know you will hate me, but I'm going to propose a design that will make their life easier.

How to optimize this
Lets use the Car Reader we proposed couple years ago. The reader has a GSM chip which can connect to the Internet, send and receive data, can scan license plates and displays basic information about the vehicle. We will add a mini printer in the Car Reader to print issued tickets and add that ticket to the database by connecting to the main office

So with one click I can:

1. Print the ticket with all vehicle details
2. Add the ticket to the database
3. Save 80% more time.
4. More tickets for us!

Perhaps I should delete this post.


  1. I think you have made the police men lives easier, but you just make yours very hard...

    Therefore, go now and quickly to delete this post before anyone who got a ticket in these few days ago see it because I guarantee for you that he will come and kill you and your brilliant mind....

  2. Not a bad idea... I'm in South Africa and we pretty much have the same manual process. The printing part got me thinking about how you'll fit all that info on those small rolls of paper... but then I realised that the only reason they use such big paper is because they need to give the officers multiple options to tick, instead of the computer just printing the specific reason etc.

  3. @dawood,

    hahha correct!


    because they need to give the officers multiple options to tick

    That is absolutly right, thats why the papers are customized checkboxes with computerized system u only need white papers and print it.

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  5. Very good idea, infact, the company where i worked before developed the same system for Abu dhabi. Its good application to have for Police.....


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