Monday, January 3, 2011

Research: Determining your future spouse, with Math

Crazy as it seems, I like to elevate our thoughts to a different level.

Ready for this? We are Numbers, each one of us is a unique number. Or at least this is what I think. Notice I didn't say each one of us "has" a number, instead I said "is" a number, there is a difference. If we are to include living entities then these too are numbers.

You can calculate your unique number using many methods no matter what you use, it will always come be a formula of a single unique number. Just make sure your method really produces a unique Number, for example Names and passport numbers are not unique through out the world. There is a possibility of duplication.

Some of you say, so what? I am a Number big deal. I'm still going to work tomorrow morning, and working out in the gym in the afternoon and eating dinner at home at night. Why? What's so special if you can find a unique number?

The universe keeps track of your actions, relationships and life using an "ID” is it your name? I don’t think, is it your passport number? Again, no. It will all make sense, if mathematics is one way to describe the universe and if we are numbers (as I claim) then our relations together as per the mathematical model is called a function.

Let me give you an example, for instance if my number is X, and my Father number is Y. Then Y is the Father of X or we can put it like this.

Father(X) = Y

Now what is the function Father(X) is something we can find out if we take more and more data (that is more Fathers and Children and fed them into a fourier series. We might find that for instance

Father(X) = Y

Father(X) = Sin (X) + 1 (for example)

This function will return only one result which is correct as each person can have only one father, and it will give the same result all the time if Y is the Father of X. that is if Sin(X)+1 is equal to Y

Suppose I take the case of Brother function, the function might be a polynomial which can have more than 1 solution, that means more than 1 brother. So If we can find your number, and this formula I can know all your brothers and Sister Numbers. Depends on what basis you used to calculate your Numbers, reverse that formula (if it was reversible) and find out more information about them. Or even plug them into different functions and find it who each one will end up marrying.

There are still of other areas we didn't disclose here but I'll leave a space for the thoughts.

However, as Decards says in his dualism theory, we are machines running in a predicable mechanical universe, yet there is another part of us which is spiritual cannot be easily described by mathematics. I stop here.

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  1. Hmm...I didn't get most of that, but some of it made sense ^^


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