Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thin clients are sexy

In IT, a thin client is either a machine or a piece of software which is very light to install and configure and depends on an outside server who does all the donkey work.

As users are becoming more lazy, IT folks need to make things easier for them. That's why we shift all the hard dirty computational memory consuming work to a slave server or perhaps a cloud so users can work in a clean comfortable fast thin environment.

Think of a thin client like a fancy restaurant. Customers enjoy the atomosphere and service while the crew inside the restaurant work non stop to satisfy their needs. Customers do not care what's going on there. They request their food items and it get prepared, cooked, decorated and served.

Web is an ocean full of sexy thin clients, the browsers are the software and the servers to which the requests are sent is the fat clients.

Although this might seem to be a great architecture , each architecture must have some hidden flaws.


  1. Amoot fel sexy ana!! :p

    Well, I think one of the drawbacks of Thin-clients architecture is overwhelming the servers with requests and processing.

    Sometimes it's more convenient to do some processing on the client side for instance:
    requesting data from a server,
    client filters,sorts data based on needs.
    Instead of having the server perform all of this.

    Google is pushing NACI - Native clients - to take advantage of the processing power of web browsers and enhance the overall web experience.

  2. Exactly
    I believe thin clients should take some of the burdin, gain some weight and share the load

    The Native Clients project is indeed Interesting


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