Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rettiwt V0.2: FireFox Extension for Twitter Web

I have noticed a lot of users use Twitter web when they are on their machines. It's better save much time and no need to download or install any application.

I thought I could inject few more features into this already available tool. Hence I created a FireFox extension.

Being new to FF extension development and a fan of rapid development, I added only few features (will add more later):

1. Classic Retweet with Editing (RT).

2. Automatically parse YouTube videos and embed them into the status itself.
So if one of your following post a link to a YouTube video, the extension automatically fetch that video and display the frame in the status itself. You don't have to do anything.

3. Add all your following into a listbox so you can easily select and reply to them.

4. #FollowFriday Button that appears only on fridays.

See the picture

Download the extension here

1. You should have FireFox installed.

2. Install the Extension, by clicking on the link above,
(Note it will ask you to OpenWith or Save, Choose OpenWith and Choose FireFox Application)

3. Close FireFox and open it again.

4. Visit and enjoy.

Shoot me any new features you would love to add at @hnasr


  1. i still didnt test it coz i dont use firefox at work, but it seems 7ad cool, esp the retweet icon, i wanted to tell u about this, good that u did it , wala fanaaaan, proud of u

  2. Thank you Nasi :D

    yalla send me some more ideas ;)


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